WordPress Tip: Easily create COVID-19 alerts on your website

Covid-19 WordPress Popup

Now that there is a “stay at home” order and your business operations are continuously changing, you need to inform your customers fast and often. For any website administrator out there using WordPress, we’d like to show you a quick and simple solution to display your companies pressing statement.

Over the past two weeks, many of our clients have reached out to design and program website pop-ups with the latest news on how they are conducting business during the state mandated lock down.

This has helped to keep their customers up-to-date and informed with the constantly changing events surrounding the coronavirus.

If your website is using WordPress and you have administrator access to your website, we recommend downloading the free plugin “Popup Maker” from the WordPress Plugin repository.

This easy-to-use plugin can be used to create any type of pop-up or content overlay for your WordPress website quickly. Simply install the plugin, copy and paste your update into a new pop-up, configure the display settings (to your liking) and click publish.

You can also easily create email opt-in pop-ups, contact form pop-ups, or announcements and immediately get your customers attention.

We hope this website tip can help your business. In this time of uncertainty, let’s lean on each other’s knowledge, skills and ideas, and we will get through this.. together.

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