Transfer Old Non-Mobile Websites to WordPress

transfer your website to wordpress

Corporate websites built before 2014 are generally not mobile compatible. They were made to be strictly viewed on a desktop or laptop. This was acceptable to retailers and businesses 9 years ago, but technology has drastically changed since then. With the dramatic shift to mobile, the style of websites have completely changed. Most of the pre-2014 websites were developed using html, .asp, or flash coding tools. These systems do not support comfortable viewing on today’s phones or mobile devices.  This is a big problem since over 60% of online searching and 73% of online ordering today is done with cell phones.

Why Transferring Your Old Site to WordPress is the Solution

If your company is stuck with a non-mobile website, the easiest way to become mobile is to transfer your website to WordPress. Over 43% of all websites are built on the WordPress platform because of its open architecture, ease of use, and customization capabilities. However, most companies do not want to incur the time or expense to build a brand-new website. However, a transfer can offer a cost and time saving alternative.

Transferring Your Website to WordPress Saves Time and Money

Ignite Media can take your existing website and apply it to a WordPress template. This allow the development of a similar look.  Once we establish the platform, we can copy each page and their photos to the new site. We can also update outdated content and insert new content if provided. Additionally, WordPress has a built in Content Management System. This allows customers to easily make their own updates in the future with some basic training. Transfer your website to WordPress today if you want to quickly attract the mobile online market.

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