Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Designs are essential to building a brand. A website needs to be sensitive to the needs of users, while effectively conveying its message. In the past, web design focused primarily on desktop displays, but with the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, more and more people are accessing the web on mobile devices. Responsive web designs are essential for any modern site, and will continue to dominate the web design market. Here are a few trends in responsive web design:

Mobile First

Today, people view most websites on their mobile device. The web designer needs to keep this in mind so that viewers will have a user-friendly experience on their smartphone or tablet. Shopping, reading, and many other things are being done on mobile devices, so a collapsible menu and fluid designs help make the site accessible.


Typography is a powerful tool in the virtual industry. For a mobile-friendly site the text needs to be bold and big, and as device resolution are getting sharper and easy to read, there also is the need for an increase in custom fonts.

Grid Layout

The asymmetrical layout was a significant introduction in 2017, and it has come to stay as it appeals to viewers more. Though the grid layout is preferred when there is a lot of content, the asymmetrical layout brings about an appealing view to the viewer.


The static image view of the web is fading away as designs become more dynamic. Animation brings life to websites, giving a sense of motion and action.  This is a trend that is fast becoming acceptable in web design these days.


The world of flat design is gradually being replaced with gradients. Choosing gradients that are simple, yet full of color, will make the design interesting and attractive.

Color Scheme

When choosing the color for a design, it’s important to match the palette to the site’s theme, as it will help viewers to relate well with the message passed across.  Striking and vibrant shades catch the viewer’s eye and convey the business’s brand.

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