It is time to redesign your website

Keeping a website fresh is essential, so updates can be monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually. But in doing this, certain things need to be put in place before an update is done. It should be noted that while updating the content and design must reflect the need of the viewers.

Here are a few tips for updating your website.

Decide the website’s layout

While updating a website, the setup is important as this conveys the message, the objective and the goal of the website. The content of the website is the most important thing to consider. It must be updated over time as there will be new ideas, new information, new products, and new services to show to your customers.  The layout of the site must reflect the new idea in a way that is user-friendly and elegant.

Consider SEO

While updating a website, it’s important to make sure that the historical pages will not be wiped out, as this can affect SEO.

Crawl the existing site

This need to be done so that the structure and metadata do not change, as crawling the SEO will give the roadmap on the set up of the entire site.

Audit the old site

This is done to familiarize yourself with the nitty-gritty of the site and to find problem areas where changes need to be made. Woorank can help in auditing the site. Site auditing evaluates what viewers like about the site, what problems exist, and which areas must be retained

Noindex the test site

This is done so that there won’t be duplicate content, as this won’t be good for the new site.

Crawl the test site

This is done to understand the new structure of the site.

Analyze your data

This is done to understand the new site and the content finally.

These steps are essential for updating a site to give viewers a fresh feel while visiting your site. This will draw more traffic to the site and help the site perform better.

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