Google Not Indexing Pages? Here’s a Solution Serving Those in Michigan Cities like Rochester, Troy, Lake Orion, Auburn Hills, Grand Blanc, Sterling Heights, and More!

google search console not indexing pages

Google sometimes needs a nudge when it’s not indexing your pages. Our fix is essential for ranking for key search terms that are crucial to your online presence and visibility. Submitting your sitemap via Google Search Console is a practical first step in this direction, offering Google a structured list of pages you aim to rank, but there’s another step just a tab away that you can utilize.

Utilizing Google Search Console for Efficient Indexing

Google Search Console is an invaluable tool for webmasters aiming to enhance their site’s interaction with Google’s search index. By submitting your sitemap here, you provide Google with a comprehensive list of URLs you wish to have indexed. This method facilitates a more organized approach by allowing you to track the indexing status of each page. If a page isn’t indexed, the ‘Inspect URL’ feature lets you delve deeper into individual URLs, checking their current index status, and if necessary, requesting indexing directly. This feature is pivotal for diagnosing and pushing pages that haven’t been automatically picked up by Google’s crawlers.

Addressing Indexing Issues and Requesting Indexing

Sometimes pages are overlooked by Google’s automatic crawling process, or there are delays in indexing. When this happens, manually requesting indexing for each page becomes necessary. Through Google Search Console, you can select ‘Request Indexing’ for any page not yet indexed. Because Goog isn not currently indexing your pages, this action prompts Google to re-evaluate the page, a process that is vital for new or updated content that needs to reflect in search results promptly. The ability to address up to 10 pages a day using this method makes it a manageable and effective strategy for maintaining your site’s relevancy in search results.

Enhancing SEO with Professional Help

While manual interventions like using Google Search Console are helpful, comprehensive SEO strategies require a more integrated approach. This is where professional SEO services offered by IGNITE Media become invaluable. With expertise in keyword research and monitoring, competitive analysis, on-page and technical SEO, content strategy, DA backlink building, local search optimization, social media syndication, site optimization and SSL, and monthly meetings and reporting, IGNITE Media ensures your SEO efforts are both strategic and systematic.

Partnering with a dedicated SEO team can significantly elevate your website’s performance by not just solving indexing issues but by enhancing all aspects of SEO. This holistic approach not only boosts your site’s visibility but also its authority and ranking over time.


Proactively managing your website’s interaction with Google through tools like Google Search Console is crucial for effective SEO, but for thorough optimization that yields long-term results, professional assistance is often necessary. IGNITE Media offers comprehensive SEO services that cover every aspect of modern SEO practices, ensuring that your website not only ranks well but also maintains its competitive edge in an ever-evolving digital landscape. For those looking to truly excel in their online endeavors, investing in a full-service SEO solution like IGNITE Media is a wise choice. Contact us today to learn more!

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